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ARC 2022 started

The ARC 2022 has started. Markus stayed true to his motto "If everyone tries to start slowly, there's a lot of space up front" and started from the front row.

In the first night things really got going. Roomy winds with gusts of up to 40kt allowed the Montana to make good headway. It was only sailed with a reefed, outrigged genoa, and yet the first Etmal was over 170 nm. All of this left its mark on the stomachs of all the fellow sailors and some got seasick. But that is not unusual and after a few days the stomachs play along again.

The second night was much more relaxed. The seasickness disappeared, the watch system could be established and trades sails (expanded genoa plus expanded jib) were sailed downwind.

This sailing continued on the third night. In the meantime, 515 SM have been sailed in 3 days. In Group E, the Montana is currently in 2nd place.

SY Montana, Swan 48 preparations complete

SY Montana, Swan 48 Eating together before ARC 2022SY Montana, Swan 48 before departing for ARC 2022SY Montana, Swan 48 on the way to the starting line

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