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2464 Miles in 16D 13H 16MIN

Another eventful Atlantic crossing will come to an end on May 25, 2021. After 16 days and 13 hours at sea, the Montana has returned to the Azores with skipper Markus Bocks.

The trip was very varied. In the first few days, the north-east trade wind was sailed high upwind. The temperatures were pleasantly Caribbean and the nights were mild. After 5 days the westerly wind range was reached and the weather and the wind changed accordingly. Three low pressure areas overtook us on the way to the Azores. We let them pass north as best we could. However, they sometimes brought us 25kt winds and occasional gusts of up to 40kt. The Montana easily put it all away with appropriate sails and the mood on board could not be spoiled by it.

A little exhausted, happy and also a little proud, the crew reached Horta in the Azores.

Crew of SV Montana, Swan 48 in Horta

Skipper Markus Bocks on Atlantic crossing 2021

SY Montana, Swan 48 on the Atlantic

SY Montana, Swan 48 on the Atlantic

SY Montana, Swan 48 in a morning mood on the AtlanticSY Montana, Swan 48 in companySY Montana, Swan 48 again in cooler climesSY Montana, Swan 48 prepares for stronger wind

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