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ARC 2019 Montana Log 7 (addendum)

Day 18: What a last day, what a last night on the ocean? The day began well, we recorded our best Etmal in the Regatta with 188NM, 185NM to destination. We closed the gap to "Finoor S" to 5 miles. But with the lighter winds in the morning they were doing better and put some miles on us. We had to change something and the spinnaker went out, giving us the advantage. After a while the pendulum swung back, we encountered a rip in the spinnaker and the sail went down again. And again the pendulum came back to us. We faced the biggest squall on the trip, up to 35Kn of wind, heavy rain and totally dark. Thanks god the kite was down and under trade wind set up we were flying over the rainy sea. In the night it was all on the helmsman steering the boat dead down wind in a light breeze. Unfortunately we found the wrong parking spot between to small squalls with absolutely no wind.

So congratulations to "Finoor S", they made it and we have to admit you guys can sail, thats proven by us.

Thanks to my awesome crew, it was an honor to sail with you, we had a good crossing, easy living on board. Everybody helping any time and the mood was always up.

Thanks to the yellow shirts for an excellent rally, it was a awesome year 2019, a real ARC.

Markus, proud Skipper of sailing vessel Montana, Swan 48 S&S

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