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ARC 2019 Montana Log 3

Day 10: We have new friends to play with. Since last night Celtic Star came in sight 6NM in front of us. Hard to catch up, looks like they know how to sail. Wind is a little bit less and we discuss sail changes but can’t find a better set up for now. We are still good on stock, fridge is half full. Today we called it halfway or as we say in Germany, "Bergfest“, so all Crew enjoyed the extra beer, of course besides the Skipper. Have to deal with the first squalls.

Day 11: The squalls were friendly last night, mainly past us in the south, caught just a bit of rain, washing of the salt from Montana. At the moment it is a bit of rolly and the Chef of the day has some problems in the Pantry. Skipper puts on the first Soca music on the speakers to get the Crew into the Caribbean mood.

Markus, Skipper Montana

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