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ARC 2019 Montana Log 1

On Start day we left the pontoon under sound of Hells Bells from AC/DC keen on doing a good start. The Skipper kept the Swan close to the start line nearly doing an over early. Therefore we started in the front row having the fleet in the back. Due to good wind conditions we did a Etmal of 180NM.

SY Montana, Swan 48 at the ARC 2019  accompanied by  dolphins

Day 2: At sea the crew was doing good besides minor Problems of sea sickness. After a nice dinner the wind dropped and Montana was only doing 1.5Kn over ground.

Day 3: All the crew had grown sea legs, Discussion of weather and routing took a wide room of the daily routine, beside preparing the excellent dinner for the night, thanks to the butcher.

Day 4: we had the first good catch of a Mahi Mahi of app. 4kg filet, another excellent dinner for 2 days. Unfortunately later on the there was no way of using the sails anymore and we started the engine.

Day 5: Another quiet day but after a little bit more then 24H we could stop the engine and hoist the spinnaker doing close to 5Kn in 5,5Kn wind over deck, thanks to the old Lady and Olin Stephens. At sunset we could shot some awesome pictures from the drone with Montana sailing under spinnaker into the sunset.

Day 6: As everyone knows light winds are often a lot of work, we had quiet a few sail changes even at night with spinnaker down and up. But with a good crew working together that was not a problem beside loosing some sleep.

Day 7: The wind picked up more with good sail under spinnaker trying to avoid an area of low winds in front of us. For our entertainment we had a lot of jumping Dolphins.

Markus, Skipper Montana

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