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RORC600 (5)

The persistence paid off.

After the unpleasant loss of time near Guadeloupe, we continued to sail the regatta. Our finish was at 20:54:50. We missed the award ceremony by almost 2 hours, but not the party that followed, which was actually our big goal ;).

At the jetty we were welcomed by the Commodore of the RORC as well as by the skipper of the fastest yacht. I call that respect.

We are happy and also a little proud to have sailed this demanding regatta so successfully. After the calculated time, we still took 12th place in our group CSA2 of 18 ships that started.

SY Montana, Swan 48 after finishing the RORC600

 A bottle for successful participation in the RORC600, SY Montana, Swan 48SY Montana, Swan 48, result list of the group CSA2 of the RORC600 2022SY Montana, Swan 48, sailed track on the RORC600

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