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ARC 2019 Montana Log 5

Day 14: Now 2 weeks at sea. Spirit and mood is still good. But that was needed for the upcoming night. Endless numerous squalls is a row. Up to 40Kn of wind true. Crew and Skipper was working hard to get the best out of it. By the end with success, we gain some miles of our competitors. So St. Lucia will see us soon.

Day 15: Our thoughts are with those who got injured on other boats at sea, hope the get well soon. In the morning we got to ambitious and tried the spinnaker. Unfortunately with not much success. Took a lot of water on the boat and had a hard time to control it. Took a while to get back to trade wind set up. So we lost some miles. Hope we doing better today.

Markus, Skipper Montana

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